Engaging and useful training in GSRD and LGBTQ-affirmative approaches. 

Taking a GSRD approach is more nuanced and initially more difficult to understand but ultimately more impactful for professionals and their clients, making the subject broader and more personal.

This GSRD offer moves beyond ‘LGBTQ+ training’ which often focusses on definitions of words, what different flags mean and explaining the law. Taking a broader, GSRD approach supports professionals to understand that everyone has a gender identity, everyone has a sexual orientation, we all have ideas about the relationships we value.  These beliefs, identities and values are predominantly socially created and can change over time.

What does adopting an LGBTQ+ affirmative approach to our work mean?

  1. We are self-reflexive and self-aware. We ensure that our own beliefs, values and actions appreciate LGBTQ+ as valid and rich identities in their own right.
  2. We view anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs, behaviour and systems as the problem; not LGBTQ+ people themselves. We resist pathologising attitudes.
  3. We are confident to introduce ‘psycho-education’ when relevant. Pro-actively bringing relevant issues and ideas into our work such as coming out or cis/hetero-normativity.

I have enjoyed being a community organiser, trainer and counsellor for 30 years and I bring a wealth of experience.  I’m good at making this sometimes difficult subject more human-centred.

“It was the most insightful and beneficial training that I’ve ever done under the LGBTQ+/diversity umbrella.”

This training will be useful for any public-facing professional, especially those in supportive roles.  I adapt the content to ensure it is relevant to the groups I work with.

It is interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking. Participants will gain the confidence to discuss gender and sexuality with colleagues and service users. They will learn how to support LGBTQ folk, as well as to create an inclusive and welcoming LGBTQ+ affirmative environment for all.

Costings for online delivery:

  • 1 hour              £80
  • Half day           £240
  • Full day           £480

15 participants max

Plus travel expenses if delivered in person at your venue. For 30 participants max.

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