I bring 30 years experience of helping folk find their spark, improve confidence and personal liberation. My approach is LGBTQ+ affirmative.

My services include:


I work flexibly with older children, teens and adults.

I’ve got a postgraduate diploma in Psychodynamic counselling and lots of practical ways to help you feel better.  I integrate approaches that meet individual client’s needs.  The range of approaches include EMDR, cognitive behavioural and Transactional Analysis. 

I am comfortable working with issues such as anxiety, trauma, abuse, feeling lost, bereavement, relationship problems and problems with emotional expression.

I work with neuro-diverse clients, cisgender and heterosexual clients and LGBTQ+ clients.

I offer a confidential, safe space via webcam to explore how to unlock fresh perspectives.


I facilitate therapeutic and personal development groups for clients of all ages.

Developing resilience, liberation and life skills; my groups tend to deal with issues such as self esteem, assertiveness, relaxation, listening skills, emotional intelligence and healthy relationships. 

Examples of groups would be:

  • Monthly self development sessions for LGBTQ+ folk
  • 6 week wellbeing programme for teenagers
  • Staff relaxation and wellbeing sessions


I am an experienced trainer, comfortable in facilitating the exploration of a variety of subjects including:

  • Domestic abuse – developing awareness of issues such as coercive control.
  • Counselling skills – active listening, supporting clients and staff
  • Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity – exploring a range of themes such as LGBTQ+ affirmative approaches to counselling, how to create a comfortable workplace.


I'd love to hear from  you, happy to have a chat about what we can do together...