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thinking about thinking

Our ability to think about thought is a useful skill. It’s good to exercise it and keep it agile. In this short video, I talk about wide ranging things like Descartes’ mind/body dualism - ‘I think therefore I am’ and the Matrix! I also chat about where we put...


In this third of three videos about ‘core conditions’ for therapists, I talk about congruence, our ability to acknowledge and express our own truth in an honest, helpful way. Is being honest with ourselves more tricky in lock-down? interesting article here Along with...

Unconditional positive regard

In this second of three videos about ‘core conditions’ for therapists, Gwilym talks about unconditional positive regard, our mind-set that people are OK, everyone is deserving of love and kindness just for existing. What about Hitler?! An unconditional loving kindness...


In this first of three videos about ‘core conditions’ for therapists, I talk about empathy - our intention to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. A lack of empathy can lead to a wide range of challenges. Along with ‘Unconditional positive regard’ and ‘congruence’,...

Being kind to yourself

I did a video about being kind to yourself for Mental Health Awareness Week 🙂 There's help at hand if you would like to uncover some of the early messages that now don't help you.

Lock-down role reversal

I did a video in a supermarket carpark about topsy-turvy role reversal introvert and extrovert stuff. I get the panic on the rare times when i'm out but my introvert friend loves being out during lock-down! Get in touch if you want to connect: https://perky.wales

Developing our emotional vocabulary

Often we find ourselves returning to the same, limited palette of happy, angry, sad, scared and don’t stray from the usual. Although it’s a good start, it’s often useful to develop our ‘emotional vocabulary’ in order to identify within ourselves what we’re feeling and also in order to better express this to others.

I feel dread and I’m not sure why

Sometimes, these days, it’s difficult enough for me to concentrate on a whole chapter of Harry Potter, let alone focus on planning my medium to long-term future.  I’m thinking about when this Corona Virus lockdown craziness is all over and I’m having mixed feelings. I...

Self awareness

Self awareness is vital.  I think most of us want to know ourselves a bit better. There are many selves to know! There’s the me that I’m aware of, the me that I am not aware of, the me I present to the world; this me changes for my audience.  There’s me that is...

Do you love me?

Being cooped up with our nearest and dearest for so long leads inevitably to tensions and differences in the ways we usually communicate.  It's not just our partners, some of us are sharing lock-down with lots of folk and some of us are alone, communicating (well or...


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