With this Corona Virus situation changing daily and many of us are not coping very well in terms of our mental health.  In order to not get sucked too far down a rabbit hole, I’m limiting my listening to the news to about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.  I’m targeting reputable news not sensationalist drama and selectively scanning twitter and focusing on cat pictures.

One thing I’ve found incredibly helpful for my mental health in terms of defragmenting or clearing emotional ‘full-up-ness’  is EFT – emotional freedom technique – or tapping.  I’ve been doing it by myself and also via webcam with colleagues.   Here’s a short video about it: https://youtu.be/lmyd84VyxTQ

My fear is that the emotional fallout to our mental health from this emergency is going to be nearly as bad as the physical effects.  So with this in mind, here’s my top tips for good mental health today for social distancing times…

  • Start a new routine – be sure to get dressed and eat regularly
  • Make contact with someone in the morning – virtual and phone count
  • Get some exercise – maybe a walk outside if you can
  • If relationships are getting strained with your nearest – try to be kind
  • Notice how you are managing with your anxiety – some people like to focus on kittens and flowers, others will want as much detailed info as possible, others may get angry or weepy.